Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top Tips on Different Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers can be bought in several different styles and measurements. In this post we will explain some advantages the best hedge trimmer types have a tendency to offer.

There are a couple of varieties of electric hedge trimmer available, the first sort is one where you will need an electric extension cable to operate the trimmer. When you've got a large garden hedge that needs trimming then this sort is considered to be the best electric trimmer to use, but there is a safety consideration when using an electric trimmer with an extension cable. You should invariably make sure the cable is not tangled up in the hedge where you are chopping, people have been known to slice through the cable by accident, always try to make sure the cable is on the floor behind you when trimming your hedge.

The alternative sort of electric hedge trimmer is the battery powered style, these are known as cordless hedge trimmers and are very beneficial for slicing in those hard to get to places. You can get this variety with a 12 volt battery which on one full charge will probably give you about 45 minutes of cutting time, this period of time will vary depending on the thickness of the branches you are chopping. With a battery powered hedge trimmer you can chop up to eight millimeter thick branches when slicing your garden hedge. The one big advantage with a battery powered hedge trimmer is that you should not possess electric cable available to trim in to, and being very light is easy to use when reaching over the very top of your hedge.

There is another type of cordless hedge trimmer this is the petrol or gas hedge trimmer, these can be reasonably heavy to use and produce some noise when in operation. Landscape gardeners have a tendency to use this form because of the power they provide in cutting branches 3/4" thick with ease, if you have a big garden hedge with thick branches then you should look at a petrol kind as an option for slicing your hedge. Yet for the ordinary garden hedge the cordless hedge trimmers are quite capable of making a great looking hedge in a reasonably short time, one consideration is that petrol hedge trimmers are more expensive than the electric type trimmers due to the engine required and the more robust nature of the trimmers.

A very important factor invariably you should remember to do when you have purchased your trimmer regardless which styles you choose, this is to read the manufactures safety operation guides carefully they are there to give support to help you evade any unwanted incidents with your hedge trimmer.

If perhaps a person's garden hedge is higher than you can reach and you are not secure making use of ladders then you can find a solution, you can find a long reach style of trimmer you can buy which can be cordless if that is what you want. These are excellent for reaching those high spots in your hedge, they are competent at giving you an extra 1.5 metres in reach to cut your hedge. They are also good for slicing low down branches in your hedge, this means you can slice the branches without bending your back.

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